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Replacement of Products

We offer a 1 year warranty on all products. If a device loses its intended functionality or in any way becomes unusable, it is eligible to be replaced at no cost to the owner. This warranty is valid so long as there is no evidence of mistreatment or damage brought about by the owner.

Certain products may have tamper-evident stickers. These stickers are used to obstruct access to critical components that can be easily damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable.
In addition, every device has a serial number sticker which is used to track it during the RMA process. This sticker must be present when beginning an RMA.
As a result, removing a warranty or serial number sticker will void your warranty.

Important Note for RMA Requests

An RMA is a final resort after any problems with your device could not be resolved through our own support. If you are considering an RMA and have not yet contacted us with a support request, please do so by clicking here.

How to RMA Your Device

Begin by filling out and submitting the form below.
We will reply within 48 hours with an update and confirmation of your RMA.

For handling the shipping of your faulty device, you have 2 options to choose from.
Pick whichever one is most convenient for you.

  • Option 1: We will email you a pre-paid shipping label that you simply affix to a box of your own, and use it to ship your device.
    This method saves a few days of transit time. The only expense from you is a suitable box.
  • Option 2: We will ship you a box with a pre-paid return shipping label that you simply put your device in and send back to us.
    This method will come at absolutely no cost to you, but will take a few more days.

I will be emailed a shipping label and ship using my own box.

I will receive a pre-paid return package to ship my device in.