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LumenAR Support Package

Last Updated: May 3, 2017
StepMania 5.0.12 Support Added!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LumenAR?

LumenAR is a 16-channel isolated lights controller for modified DDR machines.

It allows users of the JPAC to let StepMania or OpenITG control the lights in your cabinet, just like the original logic allowed.

What do I need to set it up?

Setup does not require any tools or technical experience.

Simply connect the machine light headers to the LumenAR, and (if necessary) run the small installation file to set up the device drivers.
You must then edit one line of your game's configuration file to look for the new lights controller.

Full instructions are available in the LumenAR Support Package.

Will it work on my Supernova Cab?

Yes. However, due to the nature of Supernova cabinets, their control interface is different (Known as the Ext-IO) and requires a custom adapter to properly connect to a LumenAR. If you wish to use a LumenAR with a Supernova cabinet (or any Ext-IO based machine) please contact us via our contact page.

Will it work with StepMania 5?

Yes. By default, StepMania 5 is not supported - however we have prepared a Windows-compatible StepMania build that supports LumenAR. Currently, we support up to version 5.0.12 of StepMania.

We provide the LumenAR-compatible game files as executables that replace your existing StepMania.exe file. These can be found in the LumenAR Support Package.

Is there a warranty and support?

Yes! We’ll provide customer support for users integrating LumenAR with their systems.

All documentation and software will be readily available on our website. We provide a 1 year parts warranty on all units. Each will undergo testing and will be guaranteed against DOA failures.

Returns will be handled through our support page as needed.

See LumenAR in Action!

LumenAR Lights Demo

LumenAR in action! Here's a demonstration of the LumenAR running on a DDR machine, with a JPAC doing the video and JAMMA interface. We've also updated our store page with various Frequently Asked Questions. You can learn more and pre-order at

Posted by Arcadency on Monday, October 5, 2015

LumenAR - $129.99
Lights Controller
Dance Dance Revolution Machines

Regain control of your machine's lights
LumenAR is the simple, low-latency solution for owners of customized DDR machines looking to fully enable cabinet and pad light functionality.

When a machine is customized with either of the DDR/ITG emulators (StepMania and OpenITG), control of the machine lights is lost, requiring a compatible lights control board to access them.
This is where LumenAR comes in.

Who is it for?
Owners of a JPAC or similar adapters. LumenAR is intended to be used in conjunction with a JAMMA-to-PC adapter (Such as a JPAC), as it is solely designed to be a lights controller and does not interface with the display or input.

Easy to use
LumenAR is compatible with Linux and Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) as well as both StepMania 5 (Up to 5.0.12) and OpenITG.
Once connected, LumenAR automatically sets your pads into 'reset' mode to allow functionality with a PC.

Product Support
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You are always welcome to contact us with any inquiries.